The deadline for abstract submissions is 1 May 2015

Types of presentations

  1. Invited plenary lectures
  2. Thematic sessions (submitted by convenors)
  3. Individual papers (oral presentation)
  4. Poster presentations
  5. Discussion groups

1. Invited plenary lectures

The keynote addresses (preliminary titles) will include:

  • Raymond R. Corrado (Canada): Distinguishing ‘the map from the terrain’: Clarifying the psychopathy construct and its role in risk assessment
  • David P. Farrington (UK): Psychological contributions to the explanation and prevention of offending
  • Rolf Loeber (USA): The development of risk patterns, their impact on emerging delinquency in males and females, and their relevance for interventions
  • William Marshall (Canada): The effective elements of sexual offender treatment
  • Reinhard Merkel (Germany): Neuroimaging and criminal law
  • Christiane Spiel (Austria): Violence prevention in the public school system: Experiences from a national strategy
  • Renate Volbert (Germany): What do we learn from deception detection research for single case decisions?

Further details on the keynotes are published on the program website.

2. Thematic sessions/symposia

This format should typically contain four presentations or three presentations plus a discussant. All contributions should address a relatively homogeneous topic of P & L. The convenor(s) of thematic sessions should send an email to the conference organizers that contains the title of the session, the names of the contributors and the titles of their presentations (see contact details on the bottom of the page). The contributors to the thematic session should submit their abstracts like an individual presentation. The general format of the abstract submission is shown below.

3. Individual oral presentations

Individual presentations by one or several authors are directly submitted on the conference website. The program committee will group the presentations into sessions on a broader topic and designate a chairperson. If a submitted abstract does not fit to any other submissions of oral presentations, the program committee may decide to present the respective contribution as a poster. The general format of the abstract submission is shown below.

4. Poster presentations

To avoid too many parallel oral presentations, posters become more and more important at conferences. The criteria and process for poster submissions will  be the same as for oral presentations. In addition to the submission of individual poster presentations there is also the possibility to submit a pre-organized poster session on a specific topic. The convenor(s) of such poster sessions should follow the guidelines for the thematic sessions (see above). The general format of the abstract submission is shown below.

5. Discussion groups

This format will address actual topics of psychology and law and related policy issues. A convenor should submit the title of the discussion group, an abstract, the names and contact details of the discussants via email directly to the conference organizers (see contact details on the bottom of the page). This format should not contain more than five discussants.

for the submission

All abstract submissions must contain the title of the presentation, the name(s) of the author(s), affiliations, addresses and email contacts. Please, aim to make the titles attractive and not too long. The abstracts should not exceed 2.500 characters (about 300 words) in length. All abstracts will be reviewed by the program committee. You will get the respective decision soon after submission, i.e. ‘early birds’ will not have to wait until the general deadline for submissions. Please do not ask for specific time slots for your presentation because we aim to avoid parallel sessions on similar topics.

In case of co-authored submissions the first author is expected to present the contribution. There is a maximum of one presentation per first or single authors. At the date of the conference presenters must be registered and have paid the conference fee. You may pay the fee before or after acceptance of your submission.

In principle, abstract submissions must be in English. As the conference contains the biannual meeting of the Division of Psychology and Law of the German Society of Psychology there is also the opportunity to submit presentations in German. However, these should normally focus on a topic of specific relevance for German-speaking countries and fall into the category of thematic sessions. One or two convenor(s) should organize such a German-speaking thematic session (see no. 2). Individual submissions in German cannot be grouped with submissions in English. If individual German-speaking submissions do not fit to other submissions the organizers will suggest to present the contribution as a poster.